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A Decade in the Making: Ethics Comics LLC Completes First Graphic Novel

04-September-2014 – Cleveland, OH – Ethics Comics LLC, a small Cleveland-based publishing company, recently announced the completion of their first graphic novel “Diamond Island,” a family-friendly adventure story that explores the meaning of true success.

“Diamond Island is a 225 page full-color graphic novel that’s engaging, humorous, and has a meaningful message,” said Ethics Comics founder Joseph Kirsch, “the story explores the concept of value, and how human beings can sometimes overlook the big picture.”

Kirsch founded Ethics Comics in 2003 with a vision of creating thought-provoking sequential art and cartoon works that encourage dialogue on issues of human character and morality. The Diamond Island graphic novel was created with parents and educators in mind, and with the school new year beginning, its completion could not have been more timely.

“Ethics Comics’ vision is to become a pioneer of positive, entertaining and educational stories using sequential art,” Kirsch explained, “we created Diamond Island to appeal to parents who are looking for entertaining yet positive reading material, and educators looking to make an impact in the classroom.”

Renown educator Dr. Katie Monnin reviewed Diamond Island and provided words of support:

“With eye-popping color and an engagingly hypnotic storyline Diamond Island is the perfect graphic novel for readers of all ages. As an educator, I would most certainly teach this literary-level graphic novel in my classroom, for it embraces and eloquently illustrates all of the key elements of story taught in traditional print-text novels…two thumbs up from this graphic novel enthusiast!”

Kirsch hopes to raise the funds necessary to print a special 8 x 11 hardbound edition of Diamond Island using Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform where project backers are rewarded for their patronage.

“Project backers can choose from a variety rewards including a copy of the book, acknowledgements in the book itself, and much more,” Kirsch said, “we hope parents and educators see the unique value Diamond Island offers and choose to support our work.”

View Ethic Comics’ Kickstarter campaign page

Learn more about Diamond Island, watch the book trailer videos, and read Diamond Island: http://diamondislandbook.com

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Founded in 2003, Ethics Comics LLC is a family-owned publishing company dedicated to providing positive, entertaining and educational sequential art that encourages dialogue on issues of human character and morality.


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